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Monday, March 05, 2012

Revolution in Terms

Though I continue weekly to read the Renovare tome Devotional Classics, and may return to posting on its study here, at this time I will begin to review the use of the term 'Kingdom of God' and what it means to people today, especially those of us in America(U.S.) who are without exposure to Heraldic Lineage, other than to sit in front of the TV and watch some foreign prince marry.  For its many entries in the New Testament 'Kingdom Of God' and 'Kingdom of Heaven' seem to be the very similar and are both derived from some form of the word 'basileu', a Greek word meaning leadership.

So to begin, I ask, "Is the Leadership of God present today, or must we wait?"

God in Jesus called people to abandon their day to day mundaneity and enter with Him into a new life where physical struggles were not left behind, but by attitude and spirit, then activity, became so much less the focus, that life was indeed  akin to Heaven by its newfound purpose, practice, and peace; not so much attained by the earnest called, but rather granted to faithful followers by a Gracious God.

Thus the answer in the first place to the question, Does the 'Kingdom of Heaven' exist in manifest Earth today was yes, the Kingdom of Heaven manifest in the Earth was coexistant with called, obedient, followers of Christ.  It existed in their spiritual lives because they followed the leadership of God and then He made good on His promise to be with them in positive tangible and spiritual ways.  Basileu was the normal realization for the faithful.

The difficult exercise here is to identify the characteristics of Basileu and not venture too close to the practice of splitting hairs, per se Phariseeiticality.  But in the interests of progression to the current point we will avoid the minutiae and accept that God is just and here define a just God as one who keeps His word.  We will also accept that God would save every last one of us who Will be saved.  I will not attempt to define that for you, you are left on your own (unless the Spirit inform you).   Does the Spirit inform you? If He does, do you accept and agree and act?  If you hear, accept and act in agreement with the Holy Spirit then there is the Leadership of God.  BASILEU in your life now!  As before us in the lives of Disciples and such and will be again when those unresponsive for whatever reason to date have heard, accepted and acted in agreement with the leadership of the Holy Spirit as made accessible by the redemptive process of Jesus' life, death and resurrection on, in and from the Earth.  Perhaps the greatest example of Basileia we have.

I always feel that somethings have been glossed over, and perhaps some have been over stated, but I am sure that there will be plenty of time to correct at least some of these situations before the Kingdom of God arrives.

May God Bless and Keep you as we hurry along!

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