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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Grace as Basilieu Theos Part II

...It begins to become obvious that we have begun following something to which we were not always accustomed.  That that something was there all along, and is available to those to whom it is exposed, understood and accepted.

There are two ways to interpret the word accept.  For instance, through coersion, if I am weak and exposed to virus, chances are my body will accept the presence of that virus within my body so that I become affected by that virus in sympomatic ways.  On the other hand through willingness, if I become aware that some thing or another may be of benefit to me or someone or some cause to which I am favorable, I would naturally attempt to attract and hold that something eagerly.

This understanding provides us a framework with which to view the manner we will be perceived by those whom we are trying to lead.  Will we be a fearful and contentious coersion to be avoided, resisted and eventually thrown off by medicine, therapy and bodily defense, or shall we be accepted and welcomed eagerly as benefactors of Grace and Love and Wisdom.

There is another aspect of Grace as Basilieu Theos which...

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