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Monday, March 19, 2012

Basileu Theos Manifesti

Jesus told us that God is Spirit and as Spirit He has no flesh or bone.  From this then we can ascertain that God has chosen man to be the manifested Will of God on the Earth(or as it may become in the Universe).  We are reminded of this in the Genesis story of creation.  We see the consequences of rebellion in the Babylon story and in the Flood, and in many other stories which we are familiar with throughout the Bible. 

So God as Spirit and having a Will leads us to the question, "What is God's Will?"  The answer can be difficult to determine if we cannot accept that God, even as Spirit, is that than which nothing greater can be imagined.  Yet we understand from reading, study, and meditation in the Word that God is Creative, Compassionate, and Forgiving in a self sacrificing way.  He has made for us a place to live, he has given to us a thing to do, and He expects us to desire fellowship with Him.  Yet he is patient. 

If we look closely at the aspects of creation we see that God has made us with the abilities to think, work and grow.  While there are many factors which may come into play that affect our thinking process, we are ultimately given the right, responsibility and unavoidable necessity to choose who we will be at any and all given moments in which we are cognizant of our condition(s).  These recognized conditional choices then determine our understanding of our past, our realization of our present and our attitude and expectation for the future.

So as we think(perceive, imagine and formulate action plans) we are presented with alternatives(some good, some bad, some neutral) which we must choose(sometimes with forknowledge, sometimes on faith) to accept and inculcate or avoid or eradicate from our existance.

I have heard it explained to some degree in this way:  That  it behooves a farmer to be aware of the changing weather, soil condition and plant propagation and growth in the immediate while relying on lessons told him by mentors who learned from mentors from antiquity about how to deal with those conditions which he finds in his fields.   A farmer who is going to improve his ability to do the thing he does, must also maintain an open mind to changes in technology with which he might benfit.

Thus we can feel encouraged to find that God has manifested Himself to us in many ways.  His creation is a testament to Him.  His Word tells us of His love and forgiveness and the consequence of our bad behaviors.  We can also be confident that God has desire for us to be His eyes, His mind, His voice, and His feet and hands in the constanly changing world we live in.  One does not exclude the other.  The Godly man is one derived from an Apostolic tradition venturing out into a veritable unbroken ground of meadows, forests, grasslands, swamps, oceans, rivers, deserts, mountains, and hills.  All are His creation, some are more in tune with His Will than others.      

We are to look out into this morass of teeming life and encourage it to live.   Is this not what God has done, is doing and has promised to do for us--if we will let Him?  We are God's husbandmen(seed sowers, plant nurturers, harvesters).

The conclusion here is that God has manifested Himself.  He has manifested His supplication for us in the material world.  He has manifested his purpose for us in our Satisfactions.  He has manifested His forgiveness for us in Jesus.  He has manifested His Spirit for us in our Fellowship.


dr technical said...

Robert, I believe this is what Jesus preached when he began his ministry. He told them that the Kingdom of God was present, living, and among them through his preaching and presence. All they had to do was participate. It was a radical message in that the Kingdom of God was not manifested in the Law or synagogue or priest or sacrificial system or Temple. Instead, the Kingdom of God stood right before them, interpreting the Old Testament, healing the blind, setting free the captive, proclaiming the moment of God's manifestation right before them. And he still does this today. And yet, how often do we miss it by focusing on the traditional expressions of his presence and not latching onto the very person/Spirit of the Divine One in our midst? Indeed, the Kingdom of God is here. Now. And it is a living, thriving movement of the Spirit.

RobeFRe said...

Thank you Dr Technical for reminding me that God is manifesting Himself in all those ways, and will continue to do so throughout eternity!