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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Philos of Leadership

IN the previous post I wrote on what is for many the ultimate leadership, the 'Basileu Theos'.   And really, in evangelical terms, it becomes evident that the evangelized are going to look for reality in the evangelist's life.  If, when(not if) the evangelized sees Basileu Theos, then at least two things have happened,  1) God has opened the eyes of the recipient of Good News, often called the Basileu Hagios Pneuma(roughly meant to convey the Leadership of the Holy Spirit) and 2)the viewer of this manifestation of God's Will has accepted or rejected as reality what he sees. 

So the question for the evangelist becomes how does God's Leadership in my life help or hinder this process which we hope will result in the regeneration of  the Glory of God so that the viewer becomes enraptured with the Basileu Theos in his own life and thus the Basileia Theos is engorged with the body heart and mind as well as the soul of that viewer.

Part of coming to terms in the Basiliea Theos is to accept that Theos Basileu  where He will in the manner that He will and at the time that He will.   He is not limited to free choice although that seems to be the Principal Characteristic of His Basileu.  If He is walking in front of us He generally is relying on our desire to keep Him in sight or within range of hearing the ringing of His bell and voice.  If He is watching and urging from behind we are allowed to follow our instincts, desires and preferences moving continually toward a promised goal and reward, secure within the caretaking of Basileu Theos.  The difference of these two scenarios of the Shepherd is that the first is constructed from the experience of the evangelist turned church planter while the second emanates from the maturing of the 'Babes in Christ' to 'Elders in Christ'. 

The evangelist must teach his followers to see God from within their own spirit, to hear Him in their own breath, to find Him in their own lives.  Always wary of the counterfeit.

The church elder then must guard against the impulse to veer and wander from the true path and yet allow the group to inform itself as to the possibility and truth of God's reward as it is encountered in a comtemporary(extemporanewous) setting.

So to rest...then the beginagain.


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