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Friday, March 23, 2012

Chen(Grace) Basilieu Theos Part III

There is an aspect of Grace as Basilieu Theos which has been alluded to, but only as one might speak of the greenery down an old tree lined street of well developed yards full of various shrubbery.  That is to say that in passing it has been there, but now to see it we will consider the appearance of God in the lives of the great prophets and saints of the scriptures and some of the more current appearances today to those who have not only reported it, but have demonstrated what they have seen by the evidence of their attitudes, actions and words.(I will not so much note by them by episode but speak of their overall impact from what I have read and seen and heard.)

As we look in the best book of historical perspective we have, we see a God who has pre-existed all else.  All that there is has come to be by His declaration(Word).  His Spirit has continully worked to encourage those who perceive His greatness, and perceive His greatness as Grace.   This perception has come from God himself and is evident in all creation to those who are able to withstand the self-realization of short-sightedness, maladjustment and ignorant as well as intended wrong-headedness along with a longing for correctness, harmony and true vision.

In an aside, here, to those who would argue I have made assumptions and jumps of logic that damage my treatise with an impossibly faulty premise, I say I am not speaking to you, but rather to open hearts that have made initial humble listening for the whisper of God and have heard coincidentally a din of reasons, rationale, and excuses for not believing that a pre-existant spiritual being at some point in eternity acted on His yearning to share compassion.

This is the point which we are striving to envelop into our lives so that we may be able to regain some sense of the Purity, the Truth, and the Enthusiasm with which we have been created.  We are created in God's Grace not that we might live in unfettered ease, luxury and wantoness, but rather that we might enjoy Fellowship, Love and Eternity.  For us to assume the Leadership of God was, is or will be an easy thing is to misread the scriptures. 

God placed The Tree of Life and The Tree of Knowledge and the various sources of our nourishment and Us along with Purpose and Challenge and Task in the Garden.  With the juxtaposition of Life and the consequence of taking out of turn the Fruit of Knowledge--Death, then follows the undergirding of Choice, or Free Will.  Now, it is easy for me to conjecture that if someone were to threaten my life in some excrutiating bodily fatality, I would probably at least consider and even perhaps act to submit to their commands for else.  But the evidence of the Bible is that men have been recorded time after time after time of having accepted their mortal fate while holding onto their covenant with God that He will deliver them into eternal fellowship with Him.(To someone who might proffer that this is an example of an unfeeling or inept God, I can only say that, No, this is a show of God's great foreknowledge, power, and compassion for those who are yet without the ability or desire to perceive a loving and just God).

Life on Earth is a Time for loving fellowship and the contemplation of eternal mysteries.  Mysteries which allude to a God who pours out his compassion to every being in creation that they might be given the chance to enjoy His Grace in their life in understanding and reverance.  Chen Basilieu Theos.

Ezra 9:8:  And now for a little moment grace hath been showed from Jehovah our God, to leave us a remnant to escape, and to give us a nail in his holy place, that our God may lighten our eyes, and give us a little reviving in our bondage.

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