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Monday, March 19, 2012

Grace as Basileu Theos Part One

In the last post I wrote briefly about the aspect of leadership reaching out into a hinterland(morass of teeming life) so remote that its constituents seemingly have little in common with the leader.  Oftentimes they seem to be so far removed as to be moving in opposition to leadership.  This behavior may even appear to be chaos.

It is in this environment that leadership must prove itself by remaining true to its core, walking the talk as well as talking so.  On the other hand, what has been observed over time is that if leadership establishes itself in a manner that offends and disenfranchises the prevailing constituency of an outlying place then it becomes harder to actually be established and rather easier to become a flash in the pan, that in hindsight only a few may wonder, "What was that all about?" and worse, none would think to follow.

So, it is imperative that common ground be established and native nuance, tradition, and culture be incorporated while the earnest leader exhibits the tenants of leadership. 

We can get to this same conclusion via a different line of thought, by considering that before we were included we were excluded.  But this exclusion, we realize, was not on account of others but rather on account of our unwilling or unknowing selves.  If our feelings of isolation, exclusion, bewilderment, and guilt were actually self inflicted conditions which the Holy Spirit used as tools to turn us toward and reunite us with an ethereal Holy God, why then are the tools of compassion, truth, forgiveness and inclusion not exceptionally suitable tools for those of us consciously striving to become part and parcel of an incorporating presence of God's Leadership in the World today?

It begins to become obvious that...

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