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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Adam Highly Conjectured

So God created Adam, and placed him in the Garden, and set him to work tending the Garden and caring for all that was in it. And as Adam moved around tending the Garden he noticed that all other creatures had their helpmeat and Adam felt alone when he was not talking with God and so God caused Adam to sleep and pulled from Adam a rib and from that rib He formed Eve. And Adam loved Eve as if she were his own flesh and blood for she truly completed him. Eve looked about the Garden and was amazed. Adam led Eve through the Garden and gave her the names of all that lived there in the Garden. He showed her all the good things to eat. Then he took her to that special place in the Garden where God had set His Beauty and his Glory. These trees were so magnificent that they must have been
especially blessed by God. Eve spoke of how attractive they were and
how beautiful the fruit of the one tree was.

Adam then told her that the one tree with beautiful fruit was the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil and that they were not to eat of it and that it would be better if she did not even touch it, since he was to tend it
personally because to eat of it would be mortally injurious. Eve believed Adam, and smiled warmly as she realized that Adam was drawn to her and wanted to care for her and provide for her and protect her within the tenets of strength and knowledge and love he had been given by God.

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