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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

So I think I might wriite concerning evangelism and the first block I encounter is that Calvin rears his head.

So do we envangelize those who have no inclination or desire to be evangelized? Well how in the world do we ascertain that is the case if we do not begin to evangelize even the determinedly lost.

Then how do we begin if we are to receive the blessing of encouragemengt from our efforts? We must attenuate to the Spirit.

How do we know it is the Spirit? If we can find it in scripture without leaving off context.

What is the context? God made all there is while dwelling in pre-existance. Sending light and separating dark from light.

Would you dwell in darkness or in light?

Is the darkness cold? There is no light.

Is the lightness fun? There is always forgivenness.

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