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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Outside looking in

He crouched at the entrance, unseen, just barely seeing, hearing, and noting the sound of commotion. Ibrim seemed nervous, pensive, worried. He was walking back and forth and undoubtedly waving his hands, talking to someone. The lapping fire dancing his shadow about the walls and floor. His voice rising in toimbre and decibel, "Why?, hoh!" "When? hmmm!" "Where?, Yah?" "How?, and that is it, YahWeh? I go?" Until at last, calmly and slowly and convincingly he said, "Very Well." The commotion stopped, Aspin peered fearfully over the rise in the doorway threshold as all became quiet and still. Ibrim sat silently head in hands and breathed almost in a sob. Aspin began to move slowly backwards to leave. Wondering at what he had almost witnessed, puzzled by Ibrim's out of character acquiesence to an unseen master. It frightened him, and as he moved away he began to move faster and faster as his breathing began to heave his chest and his heart pounded in his head. Finally he was safe, for the time, but how long?

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